Escape Rooms

1. Spy Room (Beat the Lock, Santa Clara) πŸ˜€ [Less than a minute remaining] Phone in room was for clues, map on wall, fireplace opened to secret room with bomb by chess board, periodic table used to defuse bomb
2. Escape from the Time Travel Lab (Real Escape Room, San Jose) 😭 Two identical labs, one in the past and one in the present. Doing things in the past affected the present, like ordering a screwdriver from amazon, water a plant to make it grow. We lost because we we supposed to tape over the mouse hole. Had to prevent lab guy from breaking a Walkman.
3. Escape from the Antique Room (EscapeSF, San Francisco) πŸ˜€ [Mona Lisa] Started off in a dark entryway with security lasers and had to push a button on the opposite wall with some stick. Rotary phone for clue. Cabinet of jewelry. Had to smile in front of Mona Lisa to win.
4. Escape from the Aliens (Ryptic Room Escape, San Mateo) 😭
5. Secrets in the Attic (Beat the Lock, Santa Clara) πŸ˜€
6. Escape from the Poltergeist (Ryptic Room Escape, San Mateo) 😭
7. Wonderland (Symbology, aka Paradox Escape Rooms, San Jose) πŸ˜€
8. Escape from the Mysterious Room (Real Escape Room, San Jose) 😭
9. Escape from Wizard’s Castle (Castle Escape Room, San Jose) πŸ˜€ [45 minutes]
10. Blind Tiger (EscapeSF, San Francisco) πŸ˜€ [41:30 minutes]
11. Kingdom of Cats (OMESCAPE, San Jose) πŸ˜€[55 minutes]
12. The Vault (Symbology, aka Paradox Escape Room, San Jose) πŸ˜€[33:16 minutes]
13. Joker’s Asylum (OMESCAPE, San Jose) πŸ˜€ [49 minutes]
14. The Strange Room (Kuma Escape, Santa Clara) πŸ˜€[48:09 minutes] – space invaders stickers (one on fan!), cipher, finger combination rolled up in lint brush, periodic table shirt, black light on wall revealing letter -> number mapping, gun safe
15. Police Station (Escape Game 911, Santa Clara) πŸ˜€[38 minutes] – a bit run down, use just 3 digits of 4 digit clue, fishing pole, black light on puzzle pieces showed phone unlock pattern, phone wallpaper had lock combination, lead to briefcase with final combination
16. Utopia (Kuma Escape, Santa Clara) πŸ˜€[44:30 Record Time!] – two teams start in separate rooms, needed walkie talkie to pass clues back and forth to get keys; hidden room behind book case; tube transport; brain pieces
17. Pandemic Zero (Omescape, San Jose) πŸ˜€ [45 minutes] – had to finish antidote and deploy to water supply; pipes on wall lead to breakers combinations; crossing the poison river; water tank with skulls and 4 β€˜mazes’; gloves for manipulating insects; DNA puzzle
18. The Home (Escape the Room, NYC) πŸ˜€ [46 minutes] chess board, laser pointer on staff, candelabra revealing fireplace, fingerprints lead to tarot cards order
19. Sherlocked (Komnata, NYC) πŸ˜€ [55 minutes] doorbell melody, putting books in order, hidden switch revealing dead body, cypher on handkerchief and fireplace, ink Test and poison test, punching enemy
20. Maze of Hakaina (Komnata, NYC) πŸ˜€[40 minutes] Swap demon parts to release key, key maze, the boy, the sword, meditation ball shadows lead to switch combination which opened chest with boy releasing key
21. Room X (Omescape, NYC) πŸ˜€[18:57 left out of 70; 51 minutes total] Two teams: medieval and WWII starting in separate rooms (5) and meeting in middle room, radio and Morse code, laser pointers,
22. Sherlock Holmes: The Case Of The Baker Street Five (Limitless Escape, Livermore) πŸ˜€ [49:31] coat rack hooks match to clocks, 4 pictures with differences, typewriter: β€œmade in mocera” = β€œcode in camera”, magnetic balls, books in order, killer and victim names.
23. Pirate Adventure: Escape The Kraken (Limitless Escape, Livermore) πŸ˜€ 30:30 – fastest time ever; 4 candelabra, rope to lift flag in next room with door lock combo, hidden sliding wood panels, ship’s wheel as lock combination, pour water in to raise key
24. The Crimson Storm (Fresno Escape Room) πŸ˜€ 27 minutes – fastest time ever; locked to wall to begin
25. Pipe works (Fresno Escape Room) πŸ˜€ 46 minutes- 2 teams
26. Cat-astrophic Mew-tation (Kuma at Dancing Cat) πŸ˜€ 57 minutes – one weekend special event at Dancing Cat. Had to find the cure by putting the right ingredients in bins and coin in gumball machine. Lure cat with feather stick to reveal letters. Mouse code. Aquarium with hidden clue to fish for.
27. Dark Altar (OMESCAPE, San Jose) πŸ˜€ 50 minutes – similar symbols lead to combination, Roman numerals in half is keypad combination, place props in order, lasers reflected to skulls, words carved in front and back for combination, sacrifice metal and flesh, turn concentric wheels for final combination from break points and combine points.
28. Escape from Werewolf Village (Real Escape Room, San Jose)πŸ˜€ [56:02 minutes] Had to color in the moon to win, skipped the penultimate puzzle (“Make a New Moon”)
29. Roosevelt Escape Room (Palace Games, SF) 😭 [100 minutes out of 90] Had to change mirror colors by blocking light beams, send morse code, palindrome, safe combo using flags, three codes, crank up ceiling, reflect light, shoot artillery
30. Houdini Escape Room (Palace Games, SF) πŸ˜€ [76 minutes] 4 wall puzzles, 8 individual puzzles, had to play tune in order, convert braille, touch wall plates and other objects in order, 4 word rebuses, secret latch in door frame, jewels on final poster
31. Escape From Alcatraz (EscapeSF) πŸ˜€ [38 minutes] Locked in handcuffs, use floss and magnet to get key. Cell door key in bread roll. Hex wrench revealed patch cables. Cards revealed door code. Standing on scale, measuring heart rate, medical charts revealed next code. Exam room with medical chair, had to follow a picture by sitting in the chair and step on foot pedals, opening a compartment with remote control which turned on the TVs, which had final clue, THY.
32. Escape from the Cursed Forest (Real Escape SJ) πŸ™‚ [35 minutes] Large group of tables, sudoku, cross words, 2 pictures with carriage only in one, matrix of letters, maze, connect the dots to make a bat, addition, colored cubes, maze, 3 cards, 4 lines to divide into 8 areas, lock box with the princess, put the prince and princess together and look through the light the princess’s name was revealed, the two rings (every 5 words) and the awakened princess, make mountain rainbow star in order, remove the cat card.
33. Sorcerer’s Sanctum (OMESCAPE San Jose) πŸ™‚ [45 minutes] 5 boxes with symbols in the windows with polarizer revealing numbers. Magic wands. Jenga tower. Ocean potion. Owls with clue. Hall with pictures. Slide panel to reveal room with scroll. Say chant to open door. 3 puzzles: weather, missing items in picture, 2 puzzles in walls revealing black widow, serpent, unicorn, another – lock combo was their leg count. Table with 5 pieces to arrange revealing final piece.
34. Spellbound Supper (RealEscape San Jose) 😫 Projection mapped table. Wand was finicky.
35. Death’s dimension 23:49 (Quadra SJ) πŸ˜€ chains in star formation, letter on ceiling, combination in mirror, oiuji board
36. Cinematic Escape 54:16 (Quadra SJ) πŸ˜€ had to act out scenes, look through camera for #5, swap picture frames with safe combination clues, 3 movie posters with Lights, Camera, Reaction, put people in order and collect their prized possessions. Remote control opened the door.
37. Recruitment of Privateers / Defis de Corsaires 23:00 out of 30:00 (Saint-Malo, France) πŸ˜€ Pirate theme with 4 puzzles: build the 3D puzzle, figure out the heirs and heiresses, find the difference, follow the route to find matching tiles.
38. Alien Prison Break (Medium) 46:38 (Escape Masters, Auckland) πŸ˜€ codes on walls for locks, tablets to open doors, collect batteries, collect alien faces, flip switches to disable remote access and autopilot, enable radiation shield, connect power cables to open door, enable teleportation (sled) by putting in batteries. use alien hand to open transporter door
39. Legacy of the Spy (Medium) 33:54 (Escape Masters, Auckland) πŸ˜€ Radio tuned to provide secret door code, bed converted coordinates to lock codes, polarized glasses to read computer screen, martial arts dummy for code, NZ map with lights
40. Gangster Bar (Master level) 28:18 *Room Record* (Escape Masters, Auckland) πŸ˜€ Pool table and bar, body in wine cask, had to collect bank heist components, moving hidden guns with pool cues, find battery and SD card for camera which had pool ball pictures, tv had clues
41. Haunted Motel (Master level) 44:00 (Escape Masters, Auckland) πŸ˜€ Lights were flashing with code, switch to keep lights on, magnet to retrieve key from glass case maze, crosses with numbers and slightly different shapes had matching ones underneath a bed that you had to feel to get the combo, DVD with girl’s name, cabinet with rope that collapsed the shelves, sliding dresser from setting the correct time, last supper cards spelling out a combo, collect items to open final door
42. Bank Heist (Master level) 49:44 (Escape Masters, Auckland) πŸ˜€ 3 posters with lockbox combo, ATM which gave money, duffle bag with eyeball, phone and computer using google authenticator, playback of video to reveal safe combination being entered, safe deposit boxes, dollars had marks on them representing the vault combo.
43. Excalibur 1:49:00 (Off the Couch, San Jose) πŸ˜€ Sundials with numbers and symbols, tiles that had to be wet to see the symbols, giving the order of the sundials. Ropes on wall to link sundial numbers to symbols. Center column with four spinning sections to line up with symbols on floor. Second room put the spears in order based on shadows, puzzle provides directions for weapons on wall. Runes to press to open next door. Third room with tapestries showing knights’ symbols order, activated by staff. Push down knives in knights’ helmets in order, which broke the mirror and gave clues to knights’ names to open the cryptix. Key opened chest with cups which had to be put in order in round table based on the scroll. Heat up the grail to get pattern to press gauntlet on wall to open secret passage. Had to yell to turn on red lights. Had to become knight by reciting the oath then puck a king then have Arthur bestow virtues in knights. That released the swords. Then used shields to reflect lasers to dragons and stick swords in slots. Put Excalibur back.
44. Wild West 40:00 (PanIQ Escape Room, SJ) πŸ˜€ Started in jail cell, bed had a snake symbol, wanted posters had reference to snake and double reward, which was the cabinet lock combination. In cabinet was a lasso, used to slide the hat rack with jail key. Sawdust has to be blown away to reveal clue to place magnetic sherif stat to horseshoe to open drawer with bullet info. 2 bullets’ caliber was the chest combination which revealed key and lantern. Key led to saloon with maze wheel which contained a ball with coins. Coins opened drawer with instructions for finding secret menu pieces. Stack of gold bars had a single bar that slid out which opened a panel on the chess board. We had to set up pieces as described then place 3 pieces in safe locations which opened a drawer with colored liquid bottles. Two locks in bar had combinations determined by which direction the presidents were facing. Secret menu plus bottles revealed combination leading to secret poker room. Cards were marked with an order for moving magnet across a wall of cards to achieve final key.
45. Inheritance 37:00 (Off the Couch, San Jose) πŸ˜€ Theme: Find Tesla’s Inheritance. Card provided date for calendar which opened bookcase secret door. pages on walls used to look up letters based on page/line/word/letter to get code for cryptex contain two metal balls. Pages with holes lined up with letters on map, provided combo for chest which had two more metal balls. 4 pieces with letters and numbers were the coordinates to place the 4 metal balls into a box and that released two chess pieces with clues to where they needed to be placed. The chessboard opened a panel in desk which had instructions for linking keys mounted on walls by hand. That opened a compartment with final exit key.
46. Escape the Gnomes (Play Live Escape, Santa Clara) First room had wood boards with stickers to help line them up to get a combination, clock on wall with 3 missing numbers revealed another combination, belt wrapped around stick had letters spelling out which objects (and order) had to be counted in order to come up with the knocking combination, had to find 5 gnome boxes and place the gnomes in the right order and direction, flower counts reveled lock combo, ribbon lengths mapped to letters by looking at butter churn handle under black light.

est. 1996