Infinity Music


Star Wars Mix (download)


Cry Baby (Hannah’s Solo 2020) (download)

Dance Off (Mini Hip Hop Comp 2020) (download)

Do You Feel Real (Izzy’s Solo 2020) (download)

Liza With A Z (Maddie’s Solo 2020) (download)

Man’s World (Senior Small 2020) (download)

Storm (Austin and Morgan’s Duet 2020) (download)

Survivor (Naomi’s Solo 2020) (download)

The Mask (download)

Welcome to the Jungle (Group Contemporary 2020) (download)


All I Want (Rayne’s Solo 2020) – v2 (download)

All That Jazz (download)

Anyone (download)

Came Here For Love – v2 (Renee’s Solo 2020) (download)

Carry You – v2 (Naomi and Renee 2020) (download)

Footprints – v2 (Hailey and Jayda 2020) (download)

Listen Before I Go (Jordan’s Solo 2020) (download)

Lost Without You (Senior Group 2020) (download)

Never Enough (download)

Rescue (Junior Group 2020) (download)

Stand By Me (Mini Lyrical 2020) (download)

The Last Light (download)

This Way (Hailey’s Solo 2020) (download)

War of Hearts (Naomi’s Solo 2020) – v2 (download)


Attention (Teen Jazz Comp 2020) (download)

Jellicle Cats (download)

Just Can’t Wait To Be King (download)

Me Too (Mini Jazz Comp 2020) (download)

Witch Doctor – v1 (download)

Witch Doctor – v2 (download)


Hands Up (download)


Billy-A-Dick (Sydney’s solo 2020) (download)

Friend Like Me (Mini Tap 2020) (download)

Hot Hot Hot (download)

Play That Sax (Teen Tap 2020) (download)

Sing Sing Sing (download)


Rake It Up (download)


Go Get It (Junior 1 Tap Comp 2020) – v3 (Normal speed) (download)

Go Get It (Junior 1 Tap Comp 2020) – v4 (5% slower) (download)

Goosebumps – v1 (Normal) (download)

Goosebumps – v3 (5% Slower) (download)

Goosebumps – v4 (10% Slower) (download)

Like It Like That – v1 (download)

Like It Like That – v2 (download)

Splish Splash (download)

Archive Of Past Music

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