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Infinity Music


Rainbow (Ashlyn’s Solo 2024) (download)


Americano (Teen Jazz 2024) (download)

Conga (Joanne and Riley Duet 2024) (download)

Fabulous (Joanne’s Solo 2024) (download)

Follow the Leader (Junior Jazz 2024) (download)

Follow the Leader – 5% faster (Junior Jazz 2024) (download)

Great Balls of Fire (Riley’s Solo 2024) (download)

Party All Round The World (Mini Jazz 2024) (download)


Boom (Sydney’s Solo 2024) (download)

Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Elite Teen Contemporary 2024) (download)

Love You In My Mind (Ally’s Solo 2024) (download)


Celloopa (Senior Tap Comp 2024) (download)

Make It Look Easy (Tap Duet 2024) (download)

Say What (Teen Tap Comp 2024) (download)

We’re Back (Teen Jazz Comp 2024) (download)

We’re Back – 5% faster (Teen Jazz Comp 2024) (download)

Yes It Do (Mini Tap Comp 2024) (download)

Yes It Do – Slower (Mini Tap Comp 2024) (download)


Suspicious Minds (Nydia’s Solo 2024) (download)

Archive Of Past Music

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